How to apply?

We encourage you to familiarize with our job offers and then send your CV by e-mail at Please include clause on personal data protection and the subject line should quote the position reference number. Sending a cover letter is not required. If you are unable to decide which specific job offer you are interested in, just send your CV and we shall select the position adequate to your skills and expectations. We try to reply to each application sent to us as quickly as possible.

What does the recruitment process look like?

The recruitment process to PM is conducted continuously all year round. We are looking for candidates to work in our Software Development Department as well as in the projects carried out directly by our clients. Our main recruitment tools include: internet competence test and interviews at Power Media headquarters – Grabiszynska 241B in Wroclaw. In the situation when a candidate is from outside of Wroclaw and is unable to come to an interview, it is possible to conduct a remote interview – over the internet communicator or phone. In some positions – before an interview – a candidate is asked to take a competence test online. After an interview we provide each candidate with feedback on their competences in relation to the position applied for. The candidates who receive a positive result are invited to take part in the next stage of recruitment, whereas the candidates whose qualification proved insufficient for the position offered by us are encouraged to develop their skills and take part in recruitment in the future.

What does the interview look like?

The first interview takes about 40 – 50 minutes and it covers the following:

  1. Verification of the knowledge of technical English (speaking and reading)
  2. Verification of the technical knowledge declared in CV.
  3. Verification of academic experience (gained when carrying out projects during the studies) or commercial experience (gained while working with commercial projects).

How to prepare for the interview?

Please remember the following before the interview:

  • Analyze again the information included in the CV set to us – such as knowledge of technology or foreign languages. We can ask you about anything included in your CV.
  • Think about major projects carried out both during your studies and for private use or commercial purposes. We will be especially interested in those whose implementation required the use of technologies connected with the position you apply for.
  • Think about your expectations for employer.
  • Think about your motivations – why do you want to work in this company and in what position?
  • Think about what your professional plans are in a longer perspective.
  • Analyze your strengths and weaknesses as well as biggest achievements.
  • Think about your financial expectations.
  • Prepare your own questions regarding the position or the company.

It is not required to bring application documents like CV or Cover Letter (unless the job offer requires to bring i.e. portfolio of projects). We also do not expect candidates to dress formally.

We will be happy to answer any questions regarding the recruitment process which can be sent at


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fax: +48 71 321 00 16

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