inStudio MAM for TV Puls


TV Puls (Poland)

TV Puls is one of the most developing television broadcasters in Poland. They run two country-wide channels: TV Puls and Puls 2.

About the project

inStudio MAM for TV Puls is a custom solution by Power Media based on our multimedia archive system inStudio. inStudio MAM for TV Puls handles production and tapeless emission of media.

inStudio MAM for TV Puls provides a common web user interface encompassing a complete material flow management from ingest through content checking, quality control, audio localization, subtitle provisioning until playout, emission and archivation.

Our solution is integrated with numerous third-party systems in the workflow, used for video transcoding, data storage, emission planning and playout.

An important part of inStudio MAM is inStudio Player, a web browser plug-in providing many features available formerly only with professional desktop video processing tools.

inStudio MAM has been deployed in TV Puls to operate two channels: TV Puls and Puls 2. Both channels will be able to deliver digital HD content thanks to inStudio MAM among other parts of their environment.


Erlang/OTP, ChicagoBoss, C, C++, Objective-C, HTML/JS/CSS, PostgreSQL


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