You do not know how to install a server? You don’t have time for complicated applications configuration? You do not want to buy new hardware? Use help from Power Media specialists.

Dedicated hosting

We offer hosting services that answer diverse needs of clients.We deliver hosting for PHP applications or Java Enterprise, and we also host highly specialized environments:

  • Apple WebObjects
  • Java
  • Erlang
  • Scala
  • Oracle

VPS solutions

You don’t know how to install a server? You don’t have time for complicated configuration of application? You don’t want to buy any new equipment? Ask our experts for help.

Efficient solutions with VPS (Virtual Private Server) artchitecture gives clients full access to server “root” account.
Dividing physical server into smaller, virtual – VPS is a popular, efficient and cheap solution used where the maximum flexibility is neeseded.

Server rooms

We own two server rooms in two separate locations in Wrocław, Poland. Our main server room is connected to the Internet via redundant Internet connections of independent providers. It assures security and confidence of the availability of your services. Physical safety of our server rooms is guaranteed by number of security systems: overheat protection, security alarm, fire alarm, security staff.

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