Your order is fulfilled by a team of talented and experienced specialists. We are flexible and adjust the model of cooperation to individual needs of a client. The following are the basic criteria we apply in building models of cooperation with our clients.

Location at which work is performed

Our teams of specialists usually perform their work at our software development center in Wrocław, Poland. We possess theIT infrastructure required for this and provide our own project managers and quality control teams as well as designers and administrators. We provide constant and smooth communication through the use of teleconferences, skype and e-mail.

Some of the work, as well as consultations, may be performed at the client’s location. This applies in particular to initial stages of a project when it is especially important to correctly understand the client’s needs and establish good contact. If necessary, our consultants are able to work at the client’s location at any stage of the project.

At the request of a client, or when required by the specifics of a project, all work may be performed at the client’s location. While Power Media provides its own project manager, it is of course also possible for our specialists to work under the supervision of a manager nominated from within the client’s team.

The model of cooperation preferred by some of our clients is the full outsourcing of personnel through the ‘time & material’ method. For more information on this model visit the recruitment and outsourcing of IT personnel pages.

Management methodology

Project managers working for Power Media have experience in applying various methods of project management, from light methods to advanced ones such as PRINCE/2 or PMI.

Relying on our experience, we often offer our clients the use of the Scrum methodology. This assumes the following:

  • division of the system into stages called ‘sprints’, usually in a sequence corresponding to the client’s priorities
  • the appointment by the client of a representative to attend regular meetings with the system developer
  • provision of new system functionalities to the client after each sprint of the product
  • optimization of communication by use of a few simple rules and a consequent reduction in the costs of project management

The benefits of Scrum include the following:

  • the opportunity for joint design of the system, by both system developer and client
  • smooth communication between the parties, the ability to react quickly to problems and unexpected situations
  • simplicity

For more information on Scrum methodology visit

Our project managers are of course open to other proposals regarding the management of a project.

Models of payment

Payment for a project is possible in one of the following ways:

  • by division of the project into modules or stages and separate calculation of each stage
  • by calculation of the entire project (in the case of small projects)
  • possibly on the basis of hourly rates in the case of longer cooperation or where there are no precise requirements regarding the entire project

The models outlined above are only proposals. It is possible to agree a specific model of payments with each client.

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