Our Software Development department stands for professionalism and high quality of the provided products. It is noticed every time by our clients. That is why we are appreciated on the dedicated software development market.

We provide a broad range of IT solutions. You can encounter software created by our company for example on the Internet, in cellular telephones and on television. Most often we provide turnkey projects in order to deliver an operational product or module ready for use in existing software systems, but our services include not only software development and testing – our specialists monitor the work of the software, maintain the systems developed and extend them to accommodate the needs of the client.

We apply a flexible approach to the projects we undertake and are able to participate in them at any given stage. The methodology of the cooperation and completion of a project is always adjusted to the expectations of the client. The technologies utilized are selected in such a way that a project is completed in the most effective manner and with the greatest possible speed, subject to assumptions regarding the safety and efficiency of the system.

Range of services

Power Media provides the full range of IT services, from analysis of requirements to implementation and maintenance of the system. At a client’s request it is possible to provide any or all of the services in the following list:

  • analysis of the client’s requirements
  • development of technical specifications
  • design of a software system
  • development of the system
  • testing of the system
  • software implementation
  • hosting
  • administration, maintenance and monitoring

Development, optimization and migration of legacy systems

Power Media also possesses a great deal of experience in the development, optimization and migration of legacy systems and provision of consultancy services in the following areas:

  • software engineering
  • database engineering (optimization, migration etc.)
  • functionality extension
  • total or partial refactoring of existing software infrastructure
  • data migration

Typical software projects

Here are some of the typical projects developed by Power Media S.A.:

  • design and development of customized software
  • design, development and administration of Internet and web applications
  • analysis, design and development of e-business systems
  • design and development of desktop and client-server applications (Windows, MacOS and Linux)
  • user interface design
  • database design
  • system integration
  • code refactoring
  • data and system migration
  • software localization and technical documentation creating

Over the last years of our operation we have completed a number of IT projects. We have been cooperating with dozens of clients in Poland and around the world to whom we offer myriad services while executing IT projects. Our knowledge and experience covers an extensive array of tools and technologies which we always adjust to a specific project and to the requirements of our clients, among them SAD sp. z o.o. (Apple IMC Poland), Link4, Superstacja and TVN24. We are the leading Polish company in the preparation of software systems based on the Apple technologies WebObjects and Cocoa. Our experience and knowledge rank us among the world leaders in these technologies. Our clients benefit from the results of our research projects and the library of ready-made modules which we utilize in executing projects.

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