Display advertising – the most popular marketing tool in the Polish Internet

Display is a graphic commercial broadcasted on the page surface – in other words banner.  The numbers of billing forms and possibilities gives wide variety of possibilities and allows to run both sales and image-strict campaigns.

Display advertising can be broadcasted on almost every website

Ads for our clients are displayed on portals which are matched with company profile and campaign target. We cooperate with Media Houses nationwide and abroad.

Billing models

The is a number of billing models which can be used to account broadcasted commercial. Image campaigns usually are accounted in two models – CPM and Flat Fee. CPM (cost for 1000 displays) means that the advertiser pays for the number of displayed ads.

Sales campaign are usually accounted in effective models, the main one being: CPC (cost per click) and CPA (cost per action). The common feature of this models is that advertiser pays for specific action made by the Internet user.

Display campaigns, as all marketing activities, requires specific plan which takes into account targets and means by those targets can be reached. Important is both websites selection and billing model selection.

The key to success is well crafted advertising – in Power Media we will do it for you.

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