More than ten years of experience, full customer support by accounting experts but above all, thousands of satisfied users. This is what defines – a combination of experts knowledge with customers expectations.
Joanna Zalewska, Director of

Internet accounting  the first internet accounting platform in Poland intended for small companies. The platform combines together the properties of an accounting office with the opportunities created by the internet. It allows its users to run their companies independently of any third persons. The users receive help from accounting specialists and the software that is always compatible with valid legal regulations. All you need is the access to the Internet and a printer for about an hour every month to do all small company’s accounts – using any computer with any operating system from any place in the world. An additional benefit is that the safety of the stored data is comparable to the safety of internet banking. The number of our satisfied clients is growing rapidly due to the great reputation they have about the platform.

How does work?

You don’t need to be an expert in law and tax regulations to prepare the statements for your tax and social security office. Intuitional, easy to use internet platform will help  every entrepreneur to run their accounts via internet. You don’t have to install any applications, all you need to do is set up an account on to be able to use our convenient software and you will receive help from accounting specialists – e-mail and telephone consultations are included in the fee.

Running your business using platform is very easy and consists of the following activities:

    • you log in on the webpage using your specific login and password using any browser (e.g. Internet Explorer, Firefox),
    • you issue invoices and check information about your costs,
    • and at the end of the month you print out ready books, records and statements for tax and social security office.

How to cooperate with

If you think that your service would be a great addition to our platform, please contact us. Join our partners like Allegro Group (iStore), Wirtualna Polska, BRE Bank,

Contact for potential business partners:
Paulina Chytła Services and Partners Service Bureau Specialist
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