Our services in the scope of outsourcing and recruitment of IT personnel provide for different forms of cooperation depending of the needs and preferences of the client. We adjust our services to the specificity of our clients in such a way that the selected solutions are effective and they save the client’s time and resources.

The solutions which combine recruitment and outsourcing are especially popular among our clients. Such a combination guarantees flexible management of human resources and it proves highly efficient in the sector of new technologies.

The models of cooperation presented below may be freely modified, depending on the needs of the client. The cooperation offered within the frame of recruitment or personnel outsourcing is based on the process of selection and verification of ITspecialists developed by Power Media.

Models of IT personnel recruitment and outsourcing


Models of payment

Recruitment – Power Media is entitled to a fee usually at the moment when a given consultant is employed by the client. Types of fees for recruitment:

  • Payment for recruitment is made based on the agreed monthly percentage rate of gross fee for a given consultant.
  • Payment for recruitment is made based on the agreed lump sum rate.

Outsourcing – fees are paid to Power Media monthly for a given consultant performing work at the client’s.

Types of fees for outsourcing:

  • Payment based on the “Time & Material” model which assumes payments according to factual time of consultant’s work.
  • Payment based on the “Fixed Price” model which assumes payments of the fees estimated for the whole project duration; it is calculated taking into account: factual time of consultant’s work and hourly rate for an hour of his services.



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