In order to satisfy our clients needs we offer various Human Resources services. Starting from It personnel recruitment from different IT areas, through creating professional IT teams, ending with payroll and IT personnel outsourcing.  We stand out because of gathered experience in the recruitment area, efficiency and professionalism at work.
Marta Macherowska-Selerowicz, Recruitment Department Manager

IT personnel recruitment

In order to satisfy the needs of our clients we are conducting a few dozen of recruitment processes of specialists in different areas of IT at the same time. Constantely we are looking for programmers, testers, network administrators, architects and designers of IT systems, analysts, specialists in the area of telecommunication, electronics as well as IT executives. The candidates’ qualifications are verified by Power Media experts in specific fields of IT, which guarantees our clients the correct choice of specialists and quick access to necessary competences.

Power Media also provides outsourcing of IT personnel which gives the client additional possibility of employing the accepted candidates for a defined term through us. That is how the client and the candidate get the possibility of practical verification of whether their mutual expectations will be met and whether they want to enter into direct cooperation.

IT personnel outsourcing

Power Media offers outsourcing of IT personnel through recruiting and delegating specialists in the area of IT, telecommunication and electronics to work for the client in the place indicated by the client. This is a modern organizational solution for the companies which need to temporarily or permanently extend their IT departments by hiring qualified specialists.

Within this model the consultants accepted by the client are employed by Power Media. Then it is Power Media that bears the liability for full administration for consultants delegated to the client and in particular for their recruitment and selection, keeping employee documentation, payroll management and settlements of payments to offices. The client, on the other hand, pays for the performed services e.g. in the area of IT, telecommunication or electronics. The client can also offer the selected consultants direct cooperation in compliance with the rules agreed with Power Media.

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