As an IT company we offer services which are concentrated on software development, recruitment and outsourcing of IT personnel, and running internet accounting platform of our own,

We effectively develop our three activity areas to mutual benefit of all departments as they can build on each others’ experience. Our HR consultants, responsible for IT personnel recruitment and outsourcing, are always supported by IT experts from our software development team, who check candidates’ technical competences. On the other hand, our software developers benefit from personal councelling assistance when they need to expand their teams with new engineers.

Our customers frequently take benefits from more than one of our IT services, from recruitment projects, to engineer personnel outsourcing, to entrusting Power Media with software development.

A noteworthy example of our software development achievements is the internet accounting platform, This system confirms our competences in creating of internet applications serving thousands of users

Find out more about our services – software development or recruitment and outsourcing of IT personnel.


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53-234 Wrocław

tel.: +48 71 769 43 00
fax: +48 71 321 00 16

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NIP: PL-898-16-47-572
REGON: 931082394
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