Nearly 1 200 000 zlotych – that’s the amount declared for transfer by people using service. This amount will go to the accounts of institutions throughout the country.

Thanks to service users and action “1% for OPP” we’ve managed to break another record. Last year it was associated with the number of registered users. Then it was almost 28 000. Although we failed to beat the last year’s record we have another reason to be proud.

Almost 25 000 people decided to settle tax this year thorugh our site. Almosst 70% of them transfered part of their tax to Public Benefit Organizations. This behavior becomes more and more popular in Poland. The effort is none and the results may be impressive – 1 200 000 PLN.

The most gratifying is the fact that turnout among donors was so high. To some extent this is due to organizations – by puting the link from our webiste on their owns. As a result, interested in 1% tax transfer had an easy way to do it in a very simple way. The service, as always, was completely free.

We hope that next year results will be as good.

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