We are a joint-stock company executing IT projects for clients from Poland and around the world. We developed the first online accounting website in Poland, ifirma.pl , which enables small companies to keep their own accounts on the Internet.

We enjoy and derive from providing our clients modern technological and organizational solutions in the field of computer science. Out specialists are involved in development of information systems and support our clients with knowledge and experience.

Our business model is based on three pillars with significant potential for growth: software developmentrecruitment and outsourcing of IT personnel, and ifirma.pl, the online accounting website. We transfer the experience and knowledge gained in one field of operation to the others, constantly improving our services and offer for clients.

We believe that creating a friendly atmosphere of cooperation results in greater efficiency and better communication. We channel the drive for continuous improvement into our research projects. We share knowledge of IT at lectures and workshops organized for students. Currently our team comprises only highly professional specialists. As a result of their dedication and corporate values we are able to double company turnover every year.

It is our objective to work in partnership with a client and to build a long-lasting relationship, our approach to business oriented to meet the expectations of each recipient of our services. We are convinced that the application of our solutions to meet needs of the client brings mutual benefits and satisfaction with achieved goals.

We invite you to discover our company. In cooperating with us you will realize that Power Media S.A. is able to meet the expectations of the most demanding clients.


ul. Grabiszyńska 241B
53-234 Wrocław

tel.: +48 71 769 43 00
fax: +48 71 321 00 16
e-mail: office@ifirma.pl

KRS: 0000281947
NIP: PL-898-16-47-572
REGON: 931082394
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